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Corporate Team Bonding

Great for team-building and motivating your staff, out fencing events are highly enjoyable, safe and professional and are team of certified coaches.

Your session includes a brief history of fencing, safety briefing, warm-up session, demonstrations and an explanation of basic fencing techniques. You’ll be shown how to do the basics, and then you’ll have a go yourself! We tailor your sessions to your specific needs and work with you to create a fantastic, fun fencing experience.

No previous fencing experience is required and you’ll need to wear non-marking running shoes, a t-shirt, and athletic pants. All other fencing equipment is provided.

For safety reasons, you shouldn’t drink alcohol before your session, although you’re welcome to ‘de-brief’ afterwards.

Your session can be arranged at a time to suit you, subject to availability (early booking is advisable). Terms and conditions apply.

Please contact us directly for a quote: coach@fencingniagara.com

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