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The Niagara Swords Fencing Club

Formerly the Niagara Swordsmen Fencing Club, the Niagara Swords Fencing Club (NIA) started as the community segment of the Brock Varsity Fencing Team. Today the Niagara Swords Fencing Club represents the Niagara fencing community and Brock fencing alumni who compete in the Ontario Fencing Association and Canadian Fencing Federation. We are exceptionally active in the Niagara sport community and in the Canadian sport system.



Our mission is to use the sport of fencing to engage the Niagara community in healthy active lifestyle while being national leaders in providing programs and services.


The Niagara Swords Fencing Club mandate is to promote and deliver the sport of fencing within Niagara, ensuring access to all regardless of gender, race, national origin and social circumstances; aid and guide the balanced development of regional recreational and competitive fencing; and liaison with regional partners and the Canadian fencing community. This mandate must be done while following the Canadian Sport for Life model and actively promoting and achieving its goals.

Typical Activities:

The Niagara Swords Fencing Club carries out the following activities throughout the Niagara region and within Canada:

Fencing Instruction and Training

  • The Niagara Swords fencing club provides introductory fencing instruction to residents of Niagara regardless of age, race or economic status.
  • Participants are encouraged to strive for their personal bests and compete provincially, nationally and internationally.

Equipment Loan and Support

  • The Niagara Swords fencing club has been designated a Regional Community Development Centre (RCDC) by the Ontario Fencing Association. With this partnership the Niagara Swords club provides fencing participant gear to local schools and service groups. This provides positive first contact access to hundreds of youth each year to a growing Olympic sport.

Competition Hosting

  • The Niagara Swords is a recognized leader in Canada for the hosting of development competitions.
  • The Niagara Swords has been involved in the hosting of Ontario Games, sports festivals ad one of the largest competitions in Canada the Brock Open. Which hosts over 600 participants from throughout Ontario and Quebec over two days in November to the Niagara region.

Coaching Instruction and Leadership Training

  • As a regional development centre the Niagara Swords is responsible delivering regional fencing coaching instruction and leadership training.

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