Aug 17

Learn to fence starting September 2017!

The Niagara Swords fencing club is extremely please to announce our slate of fall introductory fencing classes. To make fencing more accessible to all, and broaden experiences in the sport we are once again offering fencing at Brock University and the City of St Catharine’s Port Weller Community Centre.

Brock University Fencing Introduction

Starting September 11th, 2017

Ages 7-10 6:30pm-7:20pm – $75.00
Ages 11-15 7:30pm-8:20pm  – $85.00
Ages 16+ 8:30pm-9:20pm – $95.00

Parking is now FREE (ask for details)

For more information:

Register online: Brock Sports Community Programs


City of St Catharines Fencing Introduction

Starting September 14th, 2017

Ages 7-10 6:30pm-7:20pm – $73.50
Ages 11-14 7:30pm-8:20pm  – $83.50
Ages 15-17 7:30pm-8:20pm  – $94.36
Ages 18+ 8:30pm-9:20pm – $105.66

Onsite parking included

For more information:

Register online: St Catharines Community Programs


  • All fencing programs include the use of fencing protective gear and swords.
  • Instruction is provided by nationally certified coaches, and the curriculum developmentally appropriate in accordance Canadian Sport for Life guidelines.


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Jun 26

Niagara Falls Youth Wins Provincial Fencing Championship


June 2017

Pranav Parakh fought the best under-15 sabre fencers in Ontario to be crowned Ontario champion.


St Catharines, ON. Nearly 200 of the best under-15 fencers from throughout Ontario travelled to the Ontario Youth Championships hosted in Markham Ontario this past weekend. Brock Fencing Academy athlete and A.N. Myer grade 9 honours student Pranav Parakh (Niagara Falls) dominated the sabre event defeating his opponents by significant margins.


The Ontario Youth Championships is the Ontario Fencing Association’s premier event for youth. This year’s event took place at the Vango Toronto Fencing Centre in Markham Ontario and athletes competed in one of the three disciplines (foil, epee, sabre). Pranav was nearly undefeated throughout the day, winning his direct elimination matches by significant margins. In his final match against London’s Noah Jewel, Pranav came back to win 15-9 and the provincial championship.


Winning the provincial championship is the culmination of Pranav’s training since picking up the sport 4 years ago at a summer camp at Brock University. A top competitor training with the Brock Fencing Academy under coaches Tim Stang and Kristine Richardson, Pranav has excelled in the sport from the very beginning. Winning this championship solidifies his placing as the number one under-15 sabre in Ontario and the number two under-15 sabre fencer in Canada.


Pranav intends to continue training and has his sights set at being the best sabre fencer in Canada in the future. In the near future, Pranav’s plans involve helping inspire the next generation of champions fencers at the Brock Fencing Camp.


To find out more about the Brock Fencing Camp and the Brock Fencing Academy, visit


About The Brock Fencing Academy

The Brock Fencing Academy is a partnership between the Niagara Swords Fencing Club and the Brock University Varsity Fencing team. It established to create high achieving fencers able to proudly represent Niagara competitions with the best in Canada. The program offers instruction, camps and competitive opportunities throughout Niagara.


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Jun 16

2017 Summer Camps!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! The Brock fencing camp is a perfect experience for anyone who has had dreams of being a Jedi, swordsmen or a Musketeer.

Fencing is a sport combining coordination, agility, endurance, and speed with technical skill, mental focus and experience. The camp provides youth ages 7-15 yrs instruction on basic fencing movements, techniques and rules. Participants will learn the fundamentals by practicing and competing with each other.

Everything is taught in a safe and fun environment by nationally certified coaches.

Equipment: Age appropriate equipment is provided.
What to bring: non-marking running shoes, track pants (no shorts), water bottle, snack
Registration: to register call the Walker Complex Welcome Desk: 905-688-5550 x4060.

Dates: July 4-7, 2017 & July 10-14, 2017
Fencing for Kids ages 7-10
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Cost: $125

Fencing for Youth ages 11-15
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Cost: $125

To register call Tim Stang 905-324-1222 or go to

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Aug 19

Niagara Swords partners with the City of St Catharines


The Niagara Swords Fencing Club is proud to announce that we have partnered with the City of St Catharines to extend introductory fencing classes to the St Catharines community. This partnership expands Niagara Swords offerings beyond Brock University and the local school community.

Port Weller Community Centre
Thursday evenings
Each session is 8 consecutive weeks

Fall Session

Starts Thursday, September 22, 2016
Course #90856        7-10 yrs        6:00 – 7:00 pm        Cost $45.00
Course #90860        11-13 yrs      7:00 – 8:00 pm        Cost $45.00
Course #90862        14-17 yrs      7:00 – 8:00 pm        Cost $45.00 + HST
Course #90864        18+ yrs         8:00 – 9:00 pm        Cost $60.00 + HST
Winter Session

Starts Thursday, January 12, 2017
Course #90859        7-10 yrs        6:00 – 7:00 pm        Cost $45.00
Course #90861        11-13 yrs      7:00 – 8:00 pm        Cost $45.00
Course #90863        14-17 yrs      7:00 – 8:00 pm        Cost $45.00 + HST
Course #90865        18+ yrs         8:00 – 9:00 pm        Cost $60.00 + HST

Registration starts September 1st and can be done online:

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Aug 18

Niagara Fencers Shine at Ontario Summer Games – Mississauga


August 12-14, 2016, five fencers from the Niagara Swords fencing club joined elite youth fencers from across Ontario at the 2016 Ontario Summer Games Mississauga. Pranav Parahk, Nandana Parahk, Burke Willson and Karl Stang competed in sabre and Catherine Koziarz foil. The Ontario Summer Games were the culmination of a year long qualification process with competitions throughout Ontario.

What an exciting weekend at the Mississauga Hershey Centre.  Burke Willson got a silver in U15 men’s sabre and Bronze in U17 men’s sabre. Pranav and Karl Stang received gold in team and Burke Willson received a silver in team. Nandana came away with a 5th place finish in U17 Women’s Sabre and Catherine gave an excellent performance in both U17 & U15 Women’s Foil.

The Niagara Swords fencing club is the only Olympic sword fighting club in the Region catering to the Niagara community. Originally established at Brock University, now provides competitive and instructional programs throughout Niagara.


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May 15

Pranav Parakh double medals at Rochester Flower City


(Rochester) Pranav Parakh continues his quest for medals this season with a silver in U13 sabre and bronze in U15 sabre at the 2016 Rochester Fencing Club Flower City competition.


Pranav’s medals so far this season

Spooky Youth
Pranav Parakh – Bronze U13 Foil


Brock Open
Pranav Parakh – Bronze – U13 Foil
Pranav Parakh – Silver – U13 Sabre


Rochester Flower City Youth Cup #1
Pranav Parakh – Bronze – U13 Sabre

Niagara Winter Open

Pranav Parakh – Silver – U15 Sabre

Vango Young Lions
Pranav Parakh – Gold – U13 Sabre
Pranav Parakh – Bronze – U15 Sabre


Rochester – Flower City
Pranav Parakh – Silver – U13 Sabre
Pranav Parakh – Bronze – Y15 Sabre



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May 09

NIA fencers rock the Vango Young Tigers youth competition


(Markham) Nine members of the Niagara Swords fencing club (Brock Fencing Academy) traveled to the Vango Young Tigers fencing competition in Markham, Ontario over the May 7-8th weekend to compete against some of Ontario’s best young fencers.

The medals rolled in throughout the weekend starting Saturday with double bronze in cadet (u17) women’s foil by Mercedes and Trinity Stautland. Followed later that day 2 more medals in cadet (u17) sabre by Burke Willson – gold and Nandana Parahk – bronze. Sunday the medal mania continued with Karl Stang claiming bronze in U15 Men’s Epee.

We are exceptionally proud of all the performances by Niagara Swords fencers at this event. This has been an exceptional year for Niagara Swords/Brock Fencing Academy, throughout the season our fencers have claimed 35 medals over 13 events we’ve attended.

Great job everyone!


Cadet Women’s Foil

Mercedes Stautland – Bronze

Trinity Stautland – Bronze

Sammi Wong – 5th

Abbi-Gail Gardiner – 6th


Cadet Sabre

Burke Willson – Gold

Nandana Parakh – Bronze

Pranav Parakh – 7th

Cadet Men’s Epee

Karl Stang – 7th

U15 Men’s Epee

Karl Stang – Bronze

U15 Sabre

Theo Collings – 8th

Training continues for the Brock Fencing Academy throughout the summer. All in preparation for what looks like a very exciting 2016 season.

For more information about the Brock Fencing Academy, intro to fencing classes or camps contact Tim Stang




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Jan 25

NIA fencers shine at Niagara Winter Games

(ST CATHARINES) Niagara fencers shine at the inaugural Niagara winter games fencing event. Facing competitors from across Ontario and upstate New York fencers from the Niagara Swords Fencing Club took home medals in 5 categories and are one step closer to qualifying for the 2016 Ontario Summer Games.

Top Niagara Medal Results

Sierra Spence Bronze Under-15 Women’s Epee
Addison Diiorio Bronze Under-17 Men’s Epee
Pranav Parakh Silver Under-15 Men’s Sabre
Burke Willson Bronze Under-17 Men’s Sabre
Nandana Parakh Silver Under-17 Women’s Sabre

For full results or more information about the Niagara Swords Fencing club please check out our website:

2016_nwo_u15ms 2016_nwo_cws 2016_nwo_cms 2016_nwo_cme 2016_nwo_u15we


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Jun 16

Burke Willson – Gold U15 Sabre Asian Community Games

Markham, Ontario
June 14th, 2015

Burke Willson - Gold U15 Sabre - Asian Community Games Markham, ON

Burke Willson has continued his medal streak for the season by taking GOLD in under-15 sabre at the Asian Community Games. The Asian Community Games were hosted by Vango Toronto Fencing Centre in Markham, Ontario.

Burke is a second generation Niagara Swords fencer and Brock Fencing Academy team member.

We are all very proud, congratulations Burke!

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Jul 05

2014 Fencing Camps

Sabre Fencing Camp

2013 Sabre Fencing Camp


Our 2014 fencing camps are starting the week of July 7th and we have a lot in store.

The mornings start with an introduction to fencing for 7-10 year old campers. The focus of this camp is on developing FUNdamental consistent with other sports but with a fencing twist. Campers use age appropriate equipment so they can get the most enjoyment of the sport.


Sport specific skills training

Sport specific skills training

For our afternoon sessions we focus on campers aged 11-15 years old. In this camp we start introducing more competitive fencing specific skills all while igniting a passion for the sport and physical activity.

l2t_youthclass_smallFor more information on our summer camps check our Badger Sport Camps page


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